Frequently asked questions


How do I obtain a Firearms Licence?

Contact Weapons Licensing or Police in your State or Territory you can find all the information you require on these websites. If you are having trouble visit your local club or Association e.g. SSAA (Sporting Shooters Association of Australia)

Can I try shooting before I am licenced?

Yes you can. You can contact your nearest clay target club for all the information. Our local club is the Redcliffe City Clay Target Club (RCCTC), located north of Brisbane.

Do I need to be 18yrs and over to shoot?

No, you can find out more information on minimum age from Weapons Licensing or a club in your State or Territory. In QLD the minimum age is 11.

Do I need a gun license to buy ammo in Australia?

Yes! In every State and Terrority you must be licenced to be eligible to purchase any type of ammunition.

Cleaning & Maintaining

What's the best way to clean my gun?

If you want your guns to last a life-time it's extremely important to clean them properly after each and every use. Come back soon for a "how to" video showing your our best gun cleaning tips! ...
Bore Snakes in various sizes for cleaning shotguns are available to purchase from our shop or contact us directly.


I have a firearms license and I want to buy a clay target shotgun which one do I buy?

There are 3 types of competition shotguns each is specific for that style of shooting. Skeet guns, Sporting Clays & Trap Guns. Refer to other questions for a difference between the type of gun and the type of shooting you want to do. Best to try them all and decide what your preference is. You are also welcome to come down to the Redcliffe City Clay Target Club to try the different types.

What is the difference between the guns (Skeet, Sporting Clays & Trap Guns)?

Skeet Guns A Skeet gun can have shorter barrels between 26-32 inch and may have a very open choke or what is called a "Skeet choke". This allows the gun to swing quickly and spray the lead shot in a large pattern. Skeet shooting has an array of fast targets moving from left to right and in close proximity to the shooter. Sporting Clays
This type of gun usually has 28-32 inch barrels with adjustable chokes and what is called a "slopping away comb" on the stock. The targets simulate shooting in the field (for hunting). The chokes can be changed to make patterns tighter for shooting long distance targets or opened up for short distance targets.The slopping away comb allows you to mount the gun quickly in your shoulder when shooting at a fast moving target.
Trap Guns
A Trap Gun is usually has between a 30-32 inch barrel length with a parallel comb (stock). With a parallel stock the gun is mounted in the shoulder before the target is called. Having a straight comb allows the shooter to be more consistent with the mounting of the gun. These types of guns are usually heavier which helps reduce recoil. Shooting a target that is randomly fired from a trap machine, between 40 - 45 metres in front of the shooter and generally at an angle of 44 degrees.

Can guns and ammo be stored together?

No! Gun and ammunition must be stored separately. The regulations are very strict and when you hold a weapons licence, you can be subject to random inspections of your weapons and ammunition.


Do females shoot?

Yes, many females are involved in the sport and enjoy it as much (or even more than the males). Clay Target Shooting is one of a very few sports where you can compete on equal terms against males, females, under 18's or seniors - A sport for the whole family.

What are the different types of Clay Target Shooting?

Skeet Shooting Skeet shooting has an array of fast moving targets that fly from a high and low skeet towers, in close proximity to the shooter. Sporting Clay Shooting Sporting clay is the simulation of hunting in the field. The targets are meant to represent game and birds moving in their natural habit, meaning the targets come out random heights, angles, speeds and distance. Trap Shooting Trap shooting a shooting a going away target. Basically, a target that is randomly fired from a trap machine, and shot at a distance between 40 - 45 metres in front of the shooter and can be random within a 44 degree arc.


Where can I buy ammo?

The ShotGunShop stocks our own brand of quality ammunition at competitive prices. Due to the nature of the product, it can not be purchased online. Please contact us 0413 871 531 to discuss your requirements.

How many boxes of ammmunition in a carton?

There are 10 boxes of ammunition in a carton. Each box contains 25 cartridges. Totally 250 rounds.

Where do I store ammunition?

Generally in QLD all ammunition must be stored in a secure, locked container to prevent access via any unlicensed persons. Different rules apply depending on the quantity being stored and which State or Territory you reside in. Please refer to your State or Territory Weapons Licencing for storage regulations.